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One of a Kind Care

massage therapyTo those of you new to Massage Therapy, or curious about why I chose to become an R.M.T.   You might also wonder “how could massage therapy be helpful to me?”  Or why should you choose me as your therapist?   If you’ve never had Massage Therapy, someone you know probably suggested you should try it.  One of the many things that I love about Massage Therapy and about being a massage therapist, is that I truly feel it is One of a Kind Care.

I’m fascinated by my patients responses to treatments.  One response that I often get, and that I earnestly try to provide, is the quality  that no two massage therapy treatments are the same.  From visit to visit, for the same person, and for each person. One of my patient’s once described my treatments to saying that it would take her being on a week’s beach holiday to feel as relaxed.  In another session with a different patient, they said;  ‘it feels great, like you’re pulling all the thorns out’. Fitting because patients often express that they are amazed that massage therapists seem to sense exactly where they are experiencing pain,

All of these characteristics could be owed to the reason, that not only do massage therapists ‘have good hands’, during treatment they are gauging and adapting their techniques, pressure, and pace, to both how the tissue is responding, and how the patient is telling them how it feels.  That will be as unique to each and every person, with each and every massage.

Fortunately, massage therapists are able, and usually have a deep understanding (pun intended) of how it feels to receive the treatment they provide.

In this branded, automated, and assembly line world, Massage Therapy provides something that likely could never be computerized, replicated, or substituted, but maybe cloned (mostly kidding :D )

So welcome, I would love to work WITH you!

Jennifer Cruickshank