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Spring Detoxification in the Junction

What is Detoxification & Why Is it Important?

Imagine a home where the residents, due to their busy lifestyles, forgetfulness or ill health, stop putting out all their garbage. Say even a small amount is left behind every collection period. They may initially be aware that things are more difficult but still manageable so they continue as they were. Imagine this goes on for months, even years. Incrementally, the leftover waste takes up more and more space, the house becomes toxic and stops being a home.

While we cannot imagine such a scenario unfolding in our homes, what we don’t realize is that this is exactly what can happen inside our bodies if we don’t make time for maintenance. Because every single organ in the body relies on its ability to eliminate waste products to function properly and remain healthy, even a small fraction of waste that is not eliminated will accumulate over the years and eventual impact normal function and health.

By far, by-products of cellular metabolism are the greatest contributors to internal toxicity. Environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, pesticides, pollutants, to name a few, also add to the load as do demands made by modern life – high levels of stress, emotional upsets, poor diets, bad sleep habits and lack of exercise. To make matters worse, while some toxins can be neutralized and made less poisonous by the body, many cannot. Removing them safety then becomes critical.

Although many factors influence health, toxicity is a significant player and one that we can do something about. So why not make time to take up some good house cleaning habits, dig out the stored waste, safely package it up and get it out of our bodies? This is the idea behind detoxification and why it is so vital to short and long term health.

Benefits of Detoxification

As organs and tissues are freed up of toxins that had been impairing function, the body and mind gain benefits in many ways. Most common improvements include

  • Increased energy
  • Improved organ function – kidney, liver, digestive, cardiovascular, ..
  • Improved immune function
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Hormone balancing
  • Weight loss
  • Healthier skin

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Detoxification & Homeopathic Drainage

Homeopathic drainage is one the deepest and most effective means of detoxification. Working at the cellular level, Homeopathic drainage gently and safely promotes extraction of waste and removal from tissues and organs via the body’s natural elimination organs (liver, kidney, lungs skin). Drainage is facilitated by special compounds of Homeopathic remedies that target specific organs and tissues. Because Homeopathic drainage works with the body to detoxify, it never pushing the system beyond what it can handle, and thus is safe and side effects are minimal. Homeopathic drainage is always tailored to the individual based on their history and state of health.

When & How

Detoxification can be done at any time of the year with Spring being a natural time for our bodies to undergo internal cleansing. Combining Homeopathic drainage with a detox diet and few simple life style modifications is a powerful means to turn your health around. Drainage therapy typically last 3 to 4 weeks and involve taking a sequence of specially formulated remedies. Detox diets vary greatly but at a minimum should decrease the intake of toxins, reduce or eliminate difficult to digest and/or assimilate foods such as sugar, gluten, dairy and foods with pesticides. Life style modification may include taking time to be outdoors in the fresh air, maintaining regular sleep hours, body dry brushing and saunas.

Detoxification Program

Detoxification programs should always be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Working with a trained professional ensures that detoxification is safe, gentle and effective. It should not mean you are starving and suffering and it should never be more than you can handle. In light of this, our program involves

  • A 60 min consultation to ascertain your state of health and design the best detox program for you
  • Diet and lifestyle guidelines to aid in detoxification and help establish healthy habits that fit you
  • Identification of customized Homeopathic drainage remedies for detoxification
  • Weekly email checking to help keep you on track
  • A 30 min follow up consultation at the end of the program
  • Cost : $140

* Customized Homeopathic Drainage formulas are extra

Take Action and Experience what a Customized, Guided Detoxification Program can do for Your Health and Well-being!

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